Workers Compensation Recovery Program - Compensation Guidance Services

Getting Started

By following the Compensation Guidance Services, Inc. (CGS) process, reviews require very little of your time and effort. In fact, reviews can easily be conducted via phone, fax, mail and e-mail. Here is our process:

  • Locate as much of the Policy Information as possible. For assistance, please refer to our list of Definitions for an exact explanation of what we need.

  • Affix accurate contact information on each Letter of Authority, copy the letters onto your letterhead, sign each letter, and mail with your policy information. (If you've used several different agents and/or carriers over the past several years, we'll need a separate letter for each). Secure ship your paperwork to:

    Compensation Guidance Services, Inc.
    2917 Avenue K
    Brooklyn, NY 11210

  • We will contact you after receiving your information and determining what else is needed. CGS will actively assist you in locating any the missing information. Immediately upon receiving all your information CGS will begin the review.

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