Workers Compensation Recovery Program - Compensation Guidance Services

Why Compensation Guidance Services?

Did you know that the majority of workers' compensation policies contain errors? These errors could mean unnecessarily high premiums. Compensation Guidance Services, Inc.(CGS) conducts independent policy reviews in NY, NJ and all 50 states. Here's what we often find:

  • Workers' compensation recognizes over 700 different business classifications, making mistakes inevitable. Yet, classification assignments are almost never disputed outside an independent review
  • Incorrect calculations on experience rating worksheets, that are almost never verified by the policy agent or carrier
  • Proposed discounts that are never applied on audit statements
  • Cost saving rating plans that insurance companies neglect to share with policy holders
  • Non-disclosure of vital premium information to policyholders
  • We work closely with your agent/broker to review and correct issues related to your Worker's Compensation coverage

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