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Compensation Guidance Services, Inc. (CGS) is among New York, New Jersey and the nation's leading independent workers' compensation oversight firms. We specialize in reviewing previous and existing policies, identifying premium discrepancies and efficiently retrieving overpayment refunds. Our clients benefit by eliminating overpayment and reducing premium costs.

CGS makes it work!

Too often, overpayments for workers' compensation policy premiums go undetected until an independent review, if ever. Rapid, and often confusing, changes in the New York Rating Board, New Jersey Rating Bureau and NCCI rules and regulations, as well as common occurrences of incorrect rates, classifications, experience modification calculations, and audits are typical causes for discrepancies in workers' compensation policies.

Compensation Guidance Services, Inc. (CGS) conducts a confidential review of your policy, making certain your policy fits your business classification. When mistakes are found, CGS pursues and recovers your refund—at no cost to you. Our compensation consists of a percentage point of your total refund. If there is no refund, CGS takes no fee.

Getting Started...

By following the Compensation Guidance Services, Inc. (CGS) process, reviews require very little of your time and effort. In fact, reviews can easily be conducted via phone, fax, mail and e-mail. Click here to see our process.

Why Choose Us?

Did you know that the majority of workers' compensation policies contain errors? These errors could mean unnecessarily high premiums. Compensation Guidance Services, Inc. (CGS) conducts independent policy reviews in NY, NJ and all 50 states.

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